Sunday, January 24, 2016

InspirationFX: Rosaline's Journey

Rosaline's Journey 
by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

Once upon a time, there was a pendant leaf called Rosaline. She was buried,in the depths of the BeadFX cupboards, but yearned for just one chance, to dance in the light! She escaped from the dungeon, only to find herself incarcerated on the sale rack! Sure, she was able to hang about, making a few new friends, but still it wasn't enough for this ambitious soul! She was sad,that no one was aware of her true potential, so she set out on her journey again. Finally, I spotted her, and stopped in my tracks! I was so impressed, that I decided to throw a celebration, to explore her potential. Rosaline was ecstatic, and now there's no stopping her!

Rosaline is a bit of a fickle leaf!  She shows as blue on dark colours, but reverts to pink, on pale ones.

This necklace is full of all things pink and delicious! Crystal, pearls, and chain, mixed in with a little dark, to cut the sweetness! A great project to practice your wire wrapped loops! Not a lot of planning was involved, just a pile of components, that I fiddled around with, until I was happy! For me, the materials provide the inspiration. I start with just one thing (this time,Rosaline), and then just follow my muse!
Depending on your design decisions, more or less components could be used in this project.


Attach a Pinch Bail to the Rosaline Leaf, and then to the chain. Start in the middle, and then space the remaining leaves, equal links apart. I spaced them on every other, textured link. If you have links remaining, they can be used in future projects.
Components: - Please note, each link, consists of either pearl(s), pearls +filigree bead, or a single filigree bead. They are joined together with wire wrapped loops.
Right side of necklace, starting at the bottom, attach:
-Chain end/3-pearl link/3-pearl link/1-filagree bead link/2-pearllink/3-pearl link/1-pearl link/2-pearl link/3-pearl link/2 jump rings, joined to the ring on one end of the clasp.
Left side of necklace, starting at the bottom, attach:
-Chain end/filigree bead, pearl, filigree bead link/1-pearl link/3-pearllink/2-pearl link/3-pearl link/2-pearl link/1-pearl link/3-pearl link/2 jumprings, joined to the ring on one end of the clasp.

If Pink, just isn't your thing, the Swarovski Pendant Leaf, is also available in Bordeaux and Gold Teak. Even better, they're presently listed at 50% off! Let the journey continue!



Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!
Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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