Sunday, January 17, 2016

InspirationFX: Gaultier Hip

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Gaultier Hip
by: Kelly Garland

As soon as BeadFx received the new Swarovski Gaultier crystals, it was love at first sight. I've always been a fan of Jean' Paul Gaultier and his collaboration with Swarovski has produced some very hip and modernist pieces in a fantastic scarabaeus finish. I wanted to make something more casual that could be worn with jeans, while still possessing that Swarovski glam. This is a simple, quick project that can be dressed up if desired with a bit more sparkle by adding some crystal donuts or large hole sterling beads. This piece also looks great layered with other jewellery.


1. Cut leather cord to your desired length. Keep in mind that the knots will use about an inch of leather.
2. Slide the 40 mm Kaputt Swarovski onto the leather, centering carefully. Tie a knot and tighten above the crystal. Not too tight or the crystal will hang at an odd angle.
3. Now slide the 14mm Becharmed Pearl onto the leather and tie another knot.
4. Add the magnetic clasp. You'll find the insert on this clasp is a bit larger than the leather. There's a trick to this. Manipulate the leather with some flat nose pliers. This will fray the leather and make it malleable. Add one drop of Super New Glue and shove the leather into the hole with some pressure. This will force the softened end to fill the void. Repeat for the other side. Let sit for a couple hours.



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