Sunday, October 12, 2014

InspirationFX: Shake it up for Fall


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Shake it up for Fall
by: Pam Kearns

I was looking in a recent issue of Flare and noticed that tassels are popular. They looked like lots of fun!. Here is my interpretation of a bracelet showing all the Fall colours in the tassels with wire shapes and chain providing the background.

1. Link the Circle Rings together with the jump rings.
2. Cut your chain into 7 5-link pieces and join them to the jump rings so that the chain goes in front of the Circle Rings (it gets a little fiddly). Don't try to use all one length of chain - I tried it; doesn't work!
3. Attach the tassels to the jump rings (it takes it little to get the jump rings through the hole in the tassel) making sure they are all on the same side of the bracelet.
4. Attach the lobster clasp with another jump ring at one end of the bracelet and an extra jump ring at the other end to use as a closure.

If it gets a little tangled, hold the bracelet by the lobster clasp and let the bracelet untangle.

Change it up it by incorporating the idea into a necklace or as a purse charm!



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