Monday, October 27, 2014

InspirationFX: Purple and Pleased


Get your creative juices flowing

Purple and Pleased
by: Rae Huggins
Easy like one, two, three,
Pleased and purple that’s what it will be.
No need for worry or any kind of stress,
Cause this necklace can be worn with a shirt, sweater or even a dress.
A little stringing on leather and simple wire wrapping,
Come on make it and off we’ll go, my feet are already tapping.
Easy like one, two, three,
Yes, purple and pleased you too will be.
Please add the pendant to the bail before wrapping the loop. I used a spot of the Super New Glue to keep the Big Hole spacers in place and glue can also be used to secure the end caps in place. Add the adjustable toggle and enjoy.



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