Thursday, October 30, 2014

Be afraid ... be very afraid ...

All is not rosy in the world - All Hallow's Eve approach-eth and the veil of normalcy shall slip from this world and monsters and evil beings shall slip-eth through the cracks from the other side - and get completely overwhelmed by all the chaos on this side. ;-)

961RGP000121 Fine Metal Beads - 5 mm Stardust Bead - 14 Kt Rose Gold-filled (1)Actually - t961RGP000800 Findings – Earring -  Euro-style Leverback - 14 Kt Rose Gold-filled (Pair)hings are pretty Rosy here - we have a bunch of new 14 Kt Rose Gold beads and Findings here to make you feel all rosy and warm. These gold-filled findings and beads will add a warm touch of elegance to anything you make. Gold-filled is a process that puts a much thicker and more durable layer of gold over a base layer, so is much longer wearing and more valuable than gold-plating. Rose Gold is an alloy of gold that has small amounts of copper added to make the colour sunny and warm and pinker than the regular yellow of gold.

s42008 Clasp - Magnetic -  Rectangle with Knob Pins - Matte Antique Gold (1)What else? Well - we have a large selection of big magnetic clasps - s42255 Clasp - Magnetic - 9 Strand Rope Bar - Bright Silver (1)some with wide slots for gluing in leather, fabric or whathaveyou, and other with multiple loops for many strand bracelets and necklaces. The magnets on these are fierce. When not wearing your creations, you can store them by attaching them to the fridge door. ;-)
(You laugh - I actually do have magnetic clasps stuck to the metal lampshade at my desk.)

s42048 Design Tools - 7.5 inch Sticky Bead Mat -  (1)OK - a quick run down of some of the other 120 new items this week:

Sticky Bead Mat - bigger, and clearer - better for designing and composing your pattern.

s42037 Glass Beads - 6 x 8 mm Oval (Vintage) - Coral Red Opal (strand 25)
Vintage Beads, in Coral Red Opal, Blue Givre and White Givre - these are from an old warehouse stash, and will appeal if you are repairing old pieces or going for an authentic vintage look. Or just like them for what they are.

tc94-5557-40 Metal Beads -  Happy Cat Face - Antiqued Pewter (1)
Happy Cat beads - in Antiqued Pewter and Brass Ox - in case you are so over Grumpy Cat and his attitude. (I know I am.)

s41996 Firepolish - 9 x 6 mm Faceted Donut - Beraza Forest (strand 25)
New items in our Unburied Treasure (which, coincidentally - is also on sale this week!) including Raiders of the Lost Snark and the extremely obscurely pop-culturally-referenced Beraza Forest.

s41984 Glass - 9 mm Hexa-Nuts - Silky Old Copper (25)
Giant Hex-Nuts - hey - you never know! In Silky Copper and Silky Silver.

tc94-3117-27 Metal Link - ID 12 mm Plain Rivoli Setting - Brass Oxide (1)

And a bunch of new Rivoli stone mounts - link and dangles - for making more beautiful items with our gorgeous rivolis. These fit our 12 mm and 14 mm sizes.

All sorts of other new goodies too, so as always - you can click on a link or image above, or get started with the new items here. Happy Shopping!

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