Thursday, September 05, 2013

New this week!

What was I thinking?

s37251 Stone Beads - 10 mm Round - Matted Outback Wood Jasper (strand)Ever have one of those moments when you look at your own work and wonder - what WAS I thinking?

Matted Outback Wood Jasper. Please - tell me why I chose to type that as Matted instead of Matte? OK, it's not gramatically terrible, but I just have this image of clumps of fur -- matted. Arg. I guess I'll have to change it for next week, but for this week, you're stuck with it.

That aside - it is a pleasant enough stone - non-shiny - obviously - in all the shades of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. It would make some very nice organic looking jewelry. I have a strand of it here on my desk as I write this - with the intention of making a bracelet.

s37231 Thread -  C-Lon Bead Cord - Neon Pink (Spool)Obvious brain-spasms aside - also new this week - a whack of new colours of the C-Lon Bead cord including - yes - wait for it ... NEON! Ha ha - of course we did! Can't have all those neon beads without some Neon cord to go with them!

s37265 Rhinestone Chain - Gold - 6.25 mm (ss29) Prong Set Rhinestone Cup Chain - Caribbean Blue Opal (1 inch)If you're thinking you need more bling in your life than matte stone beads and C-Lon will provide - then grab some of the new cup chain and wire up a bangle bracelet or two for your bling-fix.

With the kids back in school, perhaps you are contemplating some beadweaving projects with some of the more exotic shapes? In which case, these new colours of Tila beads may inspire you.

TL4518 Miyuki TILA - 2 Hole Japanese Flat Square - Opaque Lapis/Turquoise Picasso

And - for something a little different - size 6/0 Miyuki seedbeads with a Baroque finish. I see these as more of a space/accent bead, but they are definitely different. The finish is a little less polished mb6b-3953 Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Baroque - Light Goldaround the holes than we are used to seeing on Japanese beads - and you notice it more in our photos - because it is an extreme close up, but when strung - that is not the part of the bead you see anyway.

Oh, and we are experiencing some weirdness with our phone lines - our main line is ringing through to the fax and an empty office and other such oddness - so please call on our 2nd line for more direct service! 416-751-1013.

On sale this week - Interesting focal beads: 25% off! Woohoo! Plus Daggers and Druks as accents! Also 25% off! Also woohoo!
(Sale runs Wed midnight to Wed midnight.)

So, click on a link above or start with our new products page! Remember - always have fun and play with your beads!

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