Monday, September 16, 2013

Inspiration Monday: Messy Chic

Get your creative juices flowing

Messy Chic
by: Rochelle Kilmer
Rochelle does love her some turquoise! This uber chic, uber casual bracelet could be done in any colour, using any beads.

This is 8 strands on a 5 loop clasp - so two strands are attached to some loops. The strands do NOT match up, first loop to first loop, but criss cross to create a more random look. The strands are not exactly matched for length, and the Econoflex has been kinked for an even more random look. (Scrunch it and fold it to put kinks in it. Or use Softflex if you want a smoother look.)

Seven of the strands are straight seedbeads - two silver, two turquoise, three teal. The last strand is alternating 4 and 6 mm rounds, with the focal turtle approximately halfway down the middle. It's easy to adapt this design to whatever you have on hand!

Have fun!



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