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Thursday, September 12, 2013

It has a dragon on it ...

s37335 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Dragon/Phoenix Cabochon - Golden Obsidian (1)
s37340 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Dragon Oval Cabochon - Lapis (1)If it has a dragon on it, or if it's blue, I'm in.

If it is Blue AND has a dragon - I'm pretty much done for. There isn't really a way I can NOT buy it. So you can blame me for these. Cabochons with Dragons on, some are Lapis.

s37341 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Dragon Round Cabochon - Onyx (1)Or Black. Black is good too. Hence the Onyx dragon cabochon.
s37343 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Lying Horse - Onyx (1)
Horses too - in the absence of dragons - I'll settle for a horse. Black Onyx carved horse. Not really a cabochon given that cabochon really seems to imply some sort of symmetry of shape. That aside - it's a horse. Ergo - it's very cool.

s37346 Stone Cabochon - 50 mm Round Cabochon - Artistic Jasper (1)s37357 Stone Cabochon - 60 mm Piano Key Cabochon - Picture Jasper (1)If you prefer your cabochons to be more abstract and less literal, we have a new selection of those too. From Artistic Jasper Round Cabochons to Picture Jasper Piano Keys.

Over all - a bunch of new cabochons for your beading/bezeling pleasure!

In other news - some new Swarovski - no - not the new fall colours yet - but those will be along soon. What we have is some older, limited edition stuff - special orders, hard to find colours, sizes, etc.

3476301s37321 Swarovski Elements - 10 mm Top-Drilled Bicone (6301) - Light Siam (1)Such as 10 mm Top-drill Bicones - in a limited selection of colours. I love these in the 8 and 6 mm sizes - so I'm excited about having some 10s!

s37328 Swarovski Elements - Rhinestones - SS 30 Xilion Chaton (Article 1028) (Foiled) - Fuchsia (1)Or some of the bigger Swarovski Chatons (pointed back stones) - such as SS 30 - which is about 6.5 mm across.

s37333 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 30 mm Crescent Moon (8816) Strass - Antique Green (1)
Or this Crescent Moon in Antique Green!

s37310 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 48 mm Divine Rock (6191) - Erinite (1) - <font color="#FF0000">Special!</font> - 35% off!
Or this 48 mm Divine Rock in Erinite!

Oh, and here's a little secret. We just discounted all the other 48 mm Divine Rock Pendants by a whopping 35% - so even though this is new - it is discounted too. Now THAT doesn't happen every day!

s37361 Tools -  Tulip - Sucre Crochet Hook - Size No. 4 (1)And this Saturday - Pam and Nessa will be out at the Kitchener - Waterloo Knitters' Fair, so if you are in the area - drop in and say hi! We just got some new soft-handled crochet hooks for beaders, and they will have them out there. After that - they will be in the store - or you can just order online, as always.

On sale this week - Freshwater Pearls and Silk Thread. 25% off!

Freshwater Pearls
Silk Thread
Youtube has a tonne of videos on how to knot pearls, with or without the pearl knotting tool! This one is interesting - No tool, using Powerpro.
(Sale runs Wed midnight to Wed midnight.)

So, click on a link above or start with our new products page! Remember - always have fun and play with your beads!

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