Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Some useful basics

There are so many of resources on the Internet for the metal clay artist.

One item I recently sought out was a good video outlining  the basics for torch firing metal clay. I found a great  torch firing video that includes the points I would include it I were to create one of my own, so I definitely want to share this with you.  It gives you the basics on how to torch fire your silver metal clay.  It is by Art Jewelery Magazine    Another  useful resource is this PDF Art Clay World Firing Tips with a Gas Torch, alternatively they have one for firing using a gas stove.    The PDF's have the basics written down to help you remember.  Remember to keep in mind safety you are working with a very hot FLAME.  Also make sure your piece is DRY before firing.

For some of my thoughts and opinions on firing metal clay check out my Beadful Life Post on Firing Silver Metal Clay from 2010.

Also for those beginners who want to take a class there is one coming up on December 1.  Come learn about silver clay and make some presents for yourself or a loved one!

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