Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekly Update

Just testing - trying to figure out how to make the weekly update available in more places. This is a duplicate of what is on the site and what went out in the weekly update email - so if you've already seen that - no need to re-read it. Unless you want to, of course.

Collective Unconscious

s28951 Magazine - Step by Step Wire Jewelry -  2011 - April MayYou never heard of a thing - and suddenly - it smacks you over the head a million times. Both Step by Step Wire and Australian Beading have projects for making jewelry using zippers. Yep - you read correctly - zippers. Ok - fine - it's a fun idea - but then I was s28949 Magazine - Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist -  2011 - Aprilleafing through the new Lapidary Journal (which is still my favorite magazine - even though most of the projects in it are beyond me - it makes me feel like a jeweller just to read it!) - anyway - I found a multi-page article on Van Cleef & Arpels (famous jewelry makers) - and right there - a gorgeous gold and diamond necklace - made to look like - you guessed it - a zipper.

OK - you really want to see those, don't you - the zipper jewelry? Alrighty then: (goes and gets camera, shoots quick shot of pages, crops, renames, uploads, creates links) Aus Beading, SBS Wire, and Lap Journ. See?

The Van Cleef & Arpels creation was made in 1952, no less - so it's not a new idea. Everything old is new again.

So - having said THAT - I'm here to talk about all the new stuff we have this week. Er - well really - some of it is new. Some of it is new to us! And hopefully, it will be new to you!

tc94-2344-27 Metal Charm/Pendant -  Deco Key - Antiqued Brass (1)We have a plethora of metal things this week. For tc94-2336-12 Metal Charm/Pendant -  Treasure Box Key - Antiqued Silver (1)starters - we have new metal charms from Tierracast - with a lot of focus on keys and locks. Actually - a buncha new key shapes, and colours. These would look great as charms on a bracelets - worked into a steam punk design, or tc94-2343-27 Metal Charm/Pendant -  Heart Lock Frame - Antiqued Brass (1)maybe a lock and key as funky, unmatched earrings.

New from SilverSilk is a new chain style called s28724 Silver Silk - Knitted Wire -  Capture - Starlight (1 foot)"Capture" - and it has captured my imagination for sure. This is a knitted wire chain with captured metal bead chain inside - giving the look of metal beads in a wire cage. It is supple, yet substantial, and has a s28735 Silver Silk - Knitted Wire - Single End Cap - Gunmetal (1)wonderfully finished look, especially when paired with the matching end caps.

s28762 Metal Beads - 18 mm Keystone - Antiqued Brushed Silver (1)New metal beads too. These coin beads look like booty from a pirate treasure. Arrr Matey! Cool new offerings in the brushed silver beads, and in the fancy metal s28758 Metal Beads - 10 mm Slotted Stardust and Bright Rounds - Silverplated (1)beads too - these have brilliant-cut shiny spots contrasting with textured areas - interesting cut-outs too - so all sorts of stuff going on here.

This week's project is a riff on Jen's Bird's Nest ring - writ smaller, if you will. Just think of the possibilities!

Many metallic goodies - so click on a link or a picture above, or start with the Main Page, if you are intrepid (there is a LOT of stuff there), or chunk it down into bite-size portions by checking out the categories: Click on a link and go crazy! Firepolish, Pressed Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Seedbeads, Stone and Pearls, Preciosa Crystal, Metal Beads, Other Cool Beads, Findings, Metal Clay & Supplies or Books, Kits, Tools. Look for the "new" tags!

Or maybe check out all our free, yes, free projects. A new one every week.

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