Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Design!

Hey - whaddya think of the new layout for the blog? Not a huge difference - just streamlining it a little. A little cleaner looking, don't you think?

Jen's having internet woes - so she asked me to put up a little something - until she can beat it into submission. We do everything ourselves around here - including fixing our own internet and computer problems. Well - lately we've been getting help - because it's impossible to stay current with all the computer stuff and do anything else!

Anyhoo - I saw a couple of things this morning that I was trying to figure out who to share them with - and guess what - you just got lucky. :-P

First up - Car Eyelashes. Silly. Cute. Funny. Witty. Eyelashes for your car. Why not? Cuter on the bug than the bimmer, I think.

Next up - the Skull Cameo Ring from Evil Pawn Jewelry. I love this - what a hoot. I especially love this because I admire the skill that goes into carving a cameo - which involves taking a piece of shell or stone, and very carefully carving through the layers to expose the different colours. Take off too much, and you are screwed. So, knowing that, I have zero love of the molded plastic cameos - the "dreaded ponytail girl" that is depicted on most of them. So I think this is great - a shot at that trite bit of pseudo-sentimentality. (ooo - tell us what you REALLY think!) Other way cool stuff on her site too - waaaay outside the box. Box - is there a box? I don't see a box at all!

And third up - just to show that I do have a gooey sentimental streak - a bulldog puppy - learning to walk. Awwww - how cute is this?

Cheers! Now - go be inspired to make something cute, funny and irreverent!

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