Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Tunnels under beadFX

Every once in a while - someone says something like "I hear there are a bunch of old tunnels in your area. Something that dates back to the second World War?"

Yes indeedy - there are old tunnels underground here - from a munitions factory that was located in the Warden and Eglinton area. The tunnels were for moving ammunition safely out of sight, and as a potential bomb shelter for employees. The company was the General Engineering Company of Ontario, and there are oodles of details and photos collected by Barbara Dickson in the course of researching her novels. There's a map of the area and collected storied about the lives of the women and men that worked there. Thousands of people worked there.

Our very own Rosemary has seen these tunnels and reports that they are in amazingly good condition!

Way cool piece of history, eh?

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Barbara Dickson said...

Hi there, it's Barbara Dickson dropping by to say hello, and to tell you how much I enjoyed your post about the GECO tunnels under your business. Do you still have access to the tunnels? You're right, they are WAY cool.
I encourage you all to drop by my website to learn more about GECO and its phenomonal contribution, not only to Scarborough's history, but to the world's victory over Germany over 60 years ago.
Where exactly are you located? When I'm in the 'hood again, I'll drop by!
I'm currently working on a non-fiction book about GECO. I'll let you know when it hits the market.

With kind regards,
Barbara Dickson