Sunday, January 10, 2016

InspirationFX: Horsey Set

Horsey Set
by: Dwyn Tomlinson

I suspect that these focal slider beads "live to ride" and "ride free" were intended to appeal to riders of more mechanical horses (i.e. motorcycles) than I am drawn to. But you know what, you on your hawg and me on a horse - we have this in common - it's the love of the ride that counts. There are two bracelets here - make one, make both. Keep both or gift one. The choice is yours!

Both bracelets start out the same way. I use approximately 7.5 inches of leather if I use the magnetic clasp, and 7.25 if using the hook clasp.

Remember to add the slider beads BEFORE adding and gluing on the ends.

This suede is quick bulky, and oval in profile. You will probably need to trim it down to fit into the beads and the clasp ends. Use a pair of flush wire cutters to trim the ends and "sharpen" the leather like a pencil. Trim back the suede outer layer so it doesn't bunch up when you insert it into the clasp ends.

Slide on the beads. DRY FIT the ends first to make sure they fit - then apply the glue to the leather, and put the clasp end on to the leather. Prop it up and let it dry.

To create the chain and dangle portion, take a thin piece of wire (24 gauge), about 3 inches, and thread it through the skullboy bead, between the bead and the leather. Add the end loop of the chain and then twist
up tight. Take the long ends and tuck under the bead on the front, and trim off close. Do the same for the other side. Use a jumpring to attach the pony charm.

I like to use my roundnose pliers to tighten up the hook of the hook clasp so that it fits a little more positively into the clasp, but I like to hear the snap of it fitting into place.

Cheers! May the wind be in your face, but the bugs not in your teeth!



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