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Thursday, November 03, 2016

We're so excited

Two weeks into our new website and we're still excited about it. So many new capabilities. Also - vast amounts of time spent looking for stuff that we're pretty sure should be here somewhere ... . Such is the path of the upgrade!

One of the new capabilities will be to resurrect the monthly survey/prize draw that we used to do! In fact - let's do one now! How this works is, you answer some questions, sign up for our weekly emails if you haven't already (or not, your choice), and at the close of the survey period - we draw one responder at random, and they get a $25 gift certificate to use online! Woohoo! Head over to our survey to give us your opinions on handmade gifts!

Other than that - what is new "stuff"-wise?

s50895 Open Bezel / Frame -  Grande Pendant Circle Open - Antique GoldWe are very pleased to start offering some of the lovely items from Nunn Designs - in particular - the open bezel frames that are great for resin pendants!

s51138 Design Tools - 9.5 in Round Bead on it Board - Luxury Velvet/ChenilleThere are also two new sizes of Bead on it Boards - you know - these make great gifts for the beader who apparently has everything. But then, so do gift certificates!

s51081 Metal Clay -  FYI Clay - .999 Fine Silver (10 grams)Also new - a new brand of fine silver metal clay. This is is FYI (For your inspiration!) clay - which is a Canadian brand! We think that you will be very pleased with the pricing!

We also have theses50893 Lampwork -  Pendant Jewel Leaf - Autumn Turn (2) lovely handmade Jewel Leaves that have a real vintage appeal, but are modern made.

We are also in the middle of re-designing how we display the findings and metal beads on the website. In store - we organize it by colour, all the silver together, and all the antiqued silver next to it, and the gold coloured, and the antiqued gold, etc. So we are replicating that on the website. I'd like to say that it is ready to go - but as I write this, there is still a bunch of stuff to do move and re-organize - so I'll probably still be working on it at midnight. ;-)

So check out all the cool new stuff in a cool new website! Bead Happy!

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