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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Chain + Metal Beads

Some great new chain this week - chain that will inspire you.
s51020 Chain - 9 x 7.5 Flattened Curb - Stainless Steel (foot)If you are trying to think what to make for the guy in your life, how about a nice, rugged stainless steel bracelet or neck chain? With matching jumprings and lobster claw clasp, you can put together a very striking look for the person - man or woman - that likes a non-fussy look.
We also have some really striking chains that are highly decorative. For instance - s51024 Chain - 13 mm Fishbone - Satin Hamilton Gold (foot)this Fishbone chain - use a short segment as a decorative element with other chains - makes a truly stunning look.
s51025 Chain - 11 mm Cheater Chain Maille - Silver (foot)And this - which I lovingly think of as cheater chain mail, gives you a super look for not a lot of moolah and much less of a time investment - with all due apologies to those who do have the patience for chain maille!
s51031 Chain - 5.5 mm Wheat - Gunmetal (foot)And this one is my personal fave - the Wheat chain. In two sizes, petite and hefty (3 mm and 5.5 mm) - it is a knock-out all by itself.
Check out all the new chain here! And look for inspirations coming this weekend that will help you use them!
s50100 Metal Bead -  Stardust Round - Bright Silver (strand)We continue to work on reorganizing all the metal findings and beads - based on colour - because that's how you told us you shop, plan, design, organize, sort, and store. This week - we have lots of lovely new Bright Silver beads!

Gift and Holiday tip! Whether for personal decorating or gifts for the hard to give to - a handmade ornament can be the gift that brings smiles year after year. Use these Snowflake Forms to make pretty ornaments that transcend the holidays!
So check out all the cool new stuff in a cool new website! Bead Happy!

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