Thursday, December 03, 2015

Temptation is busting down the door ...

"Ah do declare," fluttered Ms Beady while she draped herself over the chaise lounge. "Ah do declare. Ah'm so exhausted from two weeks of shopping for beads and supplies at the Winter Craft Sale at BeadFx. Beulah dahrling - peel me a grape." s47515 Stamped Metal Component -  Pisces Fish - Raw Copper (1)Beulah regarded her with coolness, and rather wetly, but as Beulah was a fish, she said nothing.

s47516 Stamped Metal Component -  Sunburst - Raw Copper (1)Suddenly - there came a knocking at the front door, but before Ms Beady could get up - the door flew open and in burst ... Temptation. Stan Temptation. Stan twirled his mustache and laughed maniacally. "Wait till you see what I have!"

"Oh, for pete's sake, Stan," said Ms Beady - "I have enough beads." She gestured to the room around her. And indeed, there were boxes and bags of beads, plastic bins, half-finished projects on every surface - the end tables, the mantlepiece, even the lampshades had beads draped over them.

s47525 Stamped Metal Component -  Puffy Pants - Raw Copper (1)Ms. Beady eyed Stan, he was wearing puffy pants and something that looked like a Star Trek insignia. "Were you at a fan convention?" s47517 Stamped Metal Component -  Flying V - Raw Copper (1)

Somewhat deflated, Stan glanced around the room. He wasn't goint to admit it, but she might have a point.
s47528 Stamped Metal Component - Large Curled Leaf - Raw Copper (1)"Well," he said dejectedly, "I'll leaf if you want me to. I know a sign s47530 Stamped Metal Component -  Sign - Raw Copper (1)when I see it." He turned to leaf (different leaf) I don't have the heart to tell you about ... . " he s47535 Stamped Metal Component -  Hammered Heart - Bright Brass (1)whirled back and whipped open his long black coat, "These NEW HONEYCOMB BEADS!" he almost shouted.

"But if you already have enough s47534 Stamped Metal Component -  Giant Heavy Flower - Raw Brass (1)beads ... ." he trailed off and turned to leave s47561 Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Honeycombs - Crystal Bronze Pale Gold (Strand of 30)again. (I'm out of leaves. Here, have a flower instead.)

"Wait!" cried Ms Beady - "What! Honeycomb beads! What are those?"

"Why," said Stan, turning back, and fishing into his coat for a strand, "these are the new 2-hole beads - they are flat and shaped like a honeycomb and they fit together like crazy!"

s47570 Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Honeycombs - Chalk Lazure Blue (Strand of 30)Ms Beady tried to get a hold of herself. She stood, pulled herself up to her full height, took a deep breath and said, "I, I probably wouldn't know what to do with them." She eyed the strand sideways.
Stan pulled out more strands, more colours. He handed her his phone - on it was a video of how awesomely the beads fit together.

"You are an evil person to have married." said Ms Beady. "Hand them over."

"But you love me anyway," countered Stan, as he kissed her on the cheek. "Oh, and s2238 Freshwater Pearls - 8 - 8.5 mm Oval Pearl - Mauve Ivory (strand)there are some new freshwater pearls too," and he handed her another bag. I got you one of everything.

s6714 Freshwater Pearls - 8 x 7.7 mm Near Round Pearl - Berry Purple (strand)You might not be married to Stan Temptation, but we are the next best thing. Click on a link or image and hop directly to that item, or check out this week's new stuff here. Go forth and Bead Happy!

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