Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas at BeadFX!

'Twas just before Christmas and all through the store,
Erin was packaging just one Delica tube more.
Anne Marie and Malliga were putting out stock
Beads and some mats and some semi-precious rocks.

Lee was getting the mail ready to go
“Man, this is going incredibly slow!”
Bonnie was checking the orders with care
So that customers soon would receive all of their fare.

Amanda was counting the beads by the score
And in the process, dropping lots on the floor.
Rae and Kelly are with customers much
Helping them choose colours, sizes and such

Rosemary in the studio was setting up tools
Dwyn came in with beads from Dragon Jools.
Dan joined the group with a tablet in hand,
Ready to barcode the entire land!

The staff were working contented to be
Doing their thing independently
Then what to our wondering eyes should appear
It was Marg with goodies from Costco to share!

Some candy, some brownies, paper towels and more
Coffee and snacks, and crackers galore!
To the top of the shelves, to the cupboards they go
Put them away, make it just so!

Then Kathryn put out seedbeads all in a row
Tracey was in the kitchen getting a cup of 'joe.'
Cleaning the cabinets and the class display
Pam was getting ready for Meet the Teachers day.

Rochelle was placing more orders with care
In hopes that the products soon would be here.
At the end of day, when all has been set right
We say to you all, Merry Christmas and Good Night!

tc93-0441-18 Metal Beads - 5 mm Plain Heishi Spacer - Antiqued Copper (50)And thanks to all the staff - who wrote this - as I have been having computer issues. - Dwyn. 

There is new stuff this week - a melange of metal spacers - but we know you are busy with the holidays. If, however, you need to escape - the new stuff is all here.

Holiday Hours
We (the store) will be open until 3 pm Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) and then we (the store) will close for the week between Christmas and New Years, reopening on Jan 2, 2016.
We (the website) will remain open, of course, 24/7. ;-)
Happy Holidays! Be safe. Be good, and if you can't be good, have fun.

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