Sunday, November 15, 2015

InspirationFX: Tawny and Turquoise

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Tawny and Turquoise
by: Malliga Nathan

Lately I've been drawn to bronze tones, I love the way they accent and play off of different colours and I'll always love Turquoise! The ripple beads really inspired me here as they add an interesting shape and texture to this piece. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

1. Cut approximately 18 -20 
inches of leather. Feed on 1 bail 14 brass ovals and 1 bail. Making sure the beads and bails are centered on the leather, gently flatten the bails making sure that both bails are facing downward on the outer side of the curve of the leather.
2. String on the beads for each strand in the following patterns and measures.
 a)Spaghetti Oval, 4mm Window, 6mm smokey topaz, 4mm window, repeat patter 3 more times and finish with a Spaghetti Oval.
b) 4 - 6mm smokey topaz, ( repeat the following 14 times in total) 4mm window, Ripple. 
Then add 1- 4mm window.
Then add 4 - 6mm smokey topaz.
c) 6mm blue zircon, Bicone, Ripple, Bicone, 6mm blue zircon, 4mm window, repeat pattern 5 more times omitting the 4mm window at the end of the strand.
Crimp each strand leaving a small loop at each end.
3. Cut about 6 inches of 20 g. wire make a wrapped loop but before wrapping the wire around the stem thread onto the loop the ends of the previously made strands in their numbered order.
Then finish the wrapped loop.
4. Add the antique brass cone, 1 bicone and make a wrapped loop.
Repeat the same for the other end of the strands.
5. Using a jumpring attach each end of the multi-strand piece to the bails.
6. Using the 20g wire create a chain of beads using wrapped loops in the following order.
Spaghetti oval,
Spaghetti oval, 
Spaghetti oval
7. Attach each end of the bead chain to the bails so that it hangs between the leather strand and the multi-strand piece.
8. Trim down the leather to the desired length, keeping in mind that the crimp ends and claps will add about 1 inch to the overall length.
9. Using a toothpick or pin apply the E-6000 to the end of the leather, add the leather crimp and squeeze the middle section with tapered or round nose pliers. Do this for the other end of the leather and add the clasp using a jumpring.
Let the glue dry overnight and "Voila!" You are finished!



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