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Monday, June 22, 2015

Tropical Punch - Welcome Summer!

Blog hops are great. They are a way to get more exposure to your blog and give you a chance to be part of an online event that really pulls together your community. I was invited to participate in a blog hop using the Tropical Punch components, which are lucite beads and matching pieces such as polyester pipe and flower petals, that conjure the colours and excitement of Brazilian style. 

I had a dream and saw my finished piece in my mind's eye, then couldn't wait to create it. Sometimes the vision and completed project don't match but this time it was spot on. My goal was to showcase a technique (which I'm teaching this Saturday at BeadFX by the way - sign up now for a lot of fun!) I decided to create a net of jewels to cover the polyester pipe and simulate the sinuous, flower covered vines found wound around trees in the jungle using wire and my French Knitter. 

Here's the knitting in progress. I used 26 gauge copper wire here. 

I inserted 16 gauge copper wire into the polyester tube, leaving about an inch on each end that I then paddled so I could punch a hole and secure the flower components inside the belled ends of my knitting. 

As you can see, I popped the beads to the outside of my knitted tube. The 16 gauge wire in the tube allows the wearer to shape the lariat any way they choose, to enhance a sexy summer neckline. 

Here's another view of the piece. 

You can draw inspiration from your garden, from the costumes of Carnival, from the warm summer rays, from love and from beautiful beads to custom create seasonal jewellery like this. Wear it now, or wear it in the winter to recapture the excitement of summer. Have fun creating!

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