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Sunday, June 14, 2015

InspirationFX: A Simple Metal Mix


Get your creative juices flowing

A Simple Metal Mix

by: Bonnie Cottingham

I do like the shine of the twist square jumrpings. The shine become the focal point of the necklace - the mixing of the metals helps to make the shine pop.
  • Cut two 6 inch pieces of the 3 mm Rolo Chain.
  • Start by attaching 2 jumprings through one of the end links of the rolo chain.
  • Put 2 of the 6 mm twist square jumprings through the rose gold jumprings.
  • Continue with attaching 2 of the 6 mm twist j/r until you get about 1.5 inches in length.
  • Change to using the 8 mm twist square jumprings and carry on until you get a length of approx 5 inches.
  • Switch back to the 6 mm twists for another 1.5 inches.  Attach 2 of the rose gold jumprings, then the second piece  of rolo chain.
  • Use the rose gold jumpring to attach the large hook and swivel clasp to the end of the rolo chain.
The length of the chain can be adjusted to make the necklace shorter or longer.



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