Friday, February 07, 2014

Just back from Tucson

Well, I'm back from Tucson - Marg is still there, still rounding up restock and buying more new stuff.

Now that I have access to a "real" computer and am not trying to do stuff from just my phone, I thought I'd show you all the pics I took from the Swarovski presentation.

We got a private presentation this year, sitting on the patio at Tucson. It was a little chilly for sitting outside actually - but hey - it's not Canada - so we're good! 

Just click on the image to see it larger, in all it's splendor.

Each year, it's one new colour, one new "effect," and a new pearl colour - so this is, from the top, (on the pink background) - Tangerine. In the middle, Iridescent Green. And at the bottom, Iridescent Green Pearl.

 This is the 6022 Raindrop pendant. Wait till you see how amazing it looks when you look right through the bottom of it! Fabulous.
 Bowtie hot fix.
 Crystal skulls.
 Designer pendants - Crystalactite - designed by Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski.
 More shapes in the mini-bead series - Rectangle (5055), Drop, (5056)
 and Rombus (5054).
 New cushion cut stone (4568)

 Mini studs!
 Pave balls - these have a Cerulun base.
 In the middle there - 4 hole Rivoli Buttons (3018)

 More options in the Crystaltex Banding.
 There's those 4 hole buttons again.
 The smooth flatbacks are interesting.
 Some designs on fabric ...

 That's the Tangerine again - easier to see on the contrasting background.

 More design ideas.

 That's the crystal skull (crappy photo, my bad) woven into a leather cord, and a Becharmed bead set with metallic flatbacks.
 More design ideas ...

 Love the colours in this!

 You really need to look at these at full size to see all the stuff going on!
 More glamorous designs ...

 Check out the stacked thing going on here ...
 Tangerine - most similar to Sun - which had a very limited availability.
 Iridescent Green - not really similar to anything - shows best in the big crystal stones - Reminds me of Sahara - reminds Marg of Tabac.

Something to start thinking about!

I'm really excited about the new pearl colour - as it is a duochrome colour - it shows two colours, depending on the angle. I can hardly wait to work with it!


Anonymous said...

Do you know which color is Petite Crystalactite pendant in that photo?

dragonjools said...

I think it might be Denim.