Thursday, December 12, 2013

Something Special for the Beaders

s38234 Design Tools - 8 x 11 inches Bead on it Board - Luxury Velvet/Chenille (1)
Something special for the beaders - wait - that's confusing - we're all beaders here. Ok, for the Seedbeaders. Something Special for the Seedbeaders.
If you are shopping for a special seedbeader - and you can count yourself in that too you know - then here is a delicious indulgence. These beading boards are a luxurious fabric-covered, padded board with a soft, stuffed border. They are yummy to look at and delightful to touch.
But what is really special about them is the way the beads behave when you pour them onto the beading surface.

You see - they all fall over on their sides. And when you slide the tip of your needle into the hole and press a little, they jump up the needle.

Don't believe me? S'all right - you should have heard my reaction to this! (It involved ghosts and aliens, I can tell you that much.)

But - you can check out the manufacturer's video,

or ours, 

because I had to see it to believe it! Comes in 4 sizes and a choice of decking materials, depending on the type of beads you prefer. 

So indulge yourself or your favourite seedbeader!
(no guarantees on delivery for Christmas, sorry.)

Oh, and the big sale may be over, but Czech seedbeads are still on sale, in case, you know - you need some to go with the bead board. ;-)

s22013 Stone Beads - 12 mm Coin - African Turquoise (strand)Also new this week is African Turquoise. While this stone is not a true turquoise, rather, it is a teal-coloured jasper, it is still a striking-looking stone and will work in design projects in much the same way as turquoise. Combine it with chunky silver beads for a Southwest feel, or go retro with ruby or coral colours.

So - as always - you can click on a link or image above, or get started with the new items here. Happy Beading!

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