Friday, May 14, 2010

Not beads

I know I promised pics today - Life got in the way yesterday, and I don't have them ready. Instead I have a Friday linky love post.

The first is the blog of Dawn Schiller - Odd Fae and Autumn things - Dawn makes art dolls out of felt and polymer clay. Very cool stuff!

Second up (and this one does have beads) is the blog of Zuleykha - Zuleykha is a polymer clay artist as well, and you should check out the teeny tiny cupcakes she made!

If you want to know more about polymer clay in general - Polymer Clay Central is where it's at!

New link just added! My goodness, how could I have forgot Helen!  Helen Breil is a TBS member, and is very active in both the beading, and polymer clay communities. Check out her beads, eye candy, and fabulous tutorials!  Thank you Heather for reminding me :-)

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