Friday, May 21, 2010

Flowers on the brain, and peony envy.

I'll admit, I had a hard time coming up with something to yammer on about today. I have just a few late items on my to do list (Yes, Helen - I swear they're going up today!). Once those are done though, it's out to the garden I go.

The veggie plot is all dug up, I just need to pick up a few bags of top soil, and I'm good to go.  The front will be getting the addition of a few annuals, and I've got my pots to do as well.  I have a love affair with  Dahlias, but I can't remember if I'm too late to plant those or not.   I'll have to look that up.

I'm really, really hoping (especially after seeing Dwyn's) that my peonies will bloom this weekend. They've got lots of nice big fat buds, crawling with ants...What is it with peonies and ants anyway?

If you need a little gardening inspiration - one of my favourite sites is You Grow Girl - she's a Torontonian to boot!

Enjoy your long weekend - whether you're beading, gardening, or whatever else strikes your fancy - just do it outdoors!

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Figgs said...

I hit Google to find out why peonies always are crawling with ants. And boy, that blew my centuries old theory, lol.

I always thought they were needed to make the peony bloom. NOPE. They are attracted to the sweet *sap* on the buds.

Sigh....another old wives tale bites the dust!!