Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Introduction to Art Clay Copper

We have had many requests for it, so here it is...the details are posted for the Introduction to Art Clay Copper class with Heather Bell-Denison on Saturday February 13th from 10 to 5pm. This is a beginner level class, therefore open to all.

Heather also has a busy weekend coming up. Saturday January 16th is Charmed I'm Sure from 10 to 5pm. This is an introduction to Art Clay Silver.

Sunday January 17th is the Textured Rings Copper Bracelet from 10 to 5pm. The skill level for this is Beginner Plus. Students should have some metal clay experience. Students wishing to take the class but have no metal clay experience may wish to complete other, simpler pieces that will be demonstrated. Please note, as well, that since first scheduling this class ART CLAY COPPER has been released which is a torch fireable version of copper clay. Heather has been working with this clay. Heather will give students an introduction to the pros and cons of each of these clays and students will be given the choice to choose between clays. Students will be provided with either a 100 gram bag of CopprClay or 50 gram bag of Art Clay Copper.

Tuesday January 19th is your chance to learn Dwyn Tomlinson's signature technique--the Wave Bead! This class is running from 7 to 9:30pm. Students should have some lampworking experience. A previous course at beadFX and/or at least 10 hours recent torch time is ideal, but we are flexible. Call or email to get more information. Please wear old jeans, closed shoes, long sleeve cotton top and tie back long hair.

Wednesday January 20th Suzanne Crudden's new and really exciting metal working class begins. This 8 week, Metalworking for Beaders, runs every Wednesday from 6 to 9pm. In this class rather than focusing on the technical aspects of professional metalsmithing we will focus on having some fun with metal. Students will learn traditional techniques as well, such as, how to saw, pierce and solder metal. Our focus will be not be project based but on skills that you will be able to practice at home with your own work. There is no pre-requisite for this class.

Saturday January 23rd and 24th is the Learn to Make Glass Beads Weekend with Amy Waldman-Smith. The cost of this course is $240, this is the last chance to take it at this rate. Our rates for this class will be increasing as of February 2010.

Stephanie Dixon is here on Saturuday January 23rd with two classes--Wire Bead Crochet Basics from 10 to 1pm.

And the Wire Bead Crochet Multistrand Necklace from 2 to 5pm. This is an intermediate level class, the Wire Bead Crochet Basics class is recommended prior to taking this class.

Sunday January 24th Robert Burton's 3 week Wire Working and Wrapping 101 class begins. This class is rarely offered on the weekend so do not miss your opportunity! This is a beginner class.

Tuesday January 26th is a Metal Clay PlayDay with Jennifer Tough. Please call to let us know you will be there.

Happy Hour Torching is Thursday from 5 to 9pm. Buy one hour get one free! Please remember to call and reserve your torch in advance!

Happy Beading

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