Friday, January 22, 2010

Beading games

I was hunting around the web trying to decide what to write about today...shhhh, I'm supposed to have these planned in advance! :-)

I started typing 'online beading' and the first thing that popped up was 'online beading games' hmmmm....I didn't know there were any. My daughter has Jewelry Design Studio for the DS, which she loves playing. I was curious if any were of a similar caliber. I generally try to stay far away from computer/online games. As a teen, I was highly addicted to Sid Meyers game 'Civilization'. I will never get back those hours wasted.

The first I clicked on is cute, but really simple. You can spell a name on a bracelet. 3 minutes of ammusement, if that - tops. - They have the option of sending your creation to a friend. This feature doesn't work at all.

This one is a little more addictive - - tetrus style.

Next one on google was this link - - Unfortunately, it lost me as it took a full minute to load before I gave up. I'm impatient.

Here's another one that would appeal to to 4-6 year old set. I think anyone else would get bored in a microsecond. It's basically a picture of a woman that you can customize. You can make her hair pink, her lips gold, and swap out her jewellery.

Then of course there are the games that use beads, but are not actually online. Mancala was traditionally played with beads, stones, or seeds. Mancala is similar somewhat to Chess or Go

Now, back to work...and don't spend all day playing the beadz game - at least don't blame me. :-)

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Chartreuse Monkey said...

FUN! More ideas for my exciting Friday night no doubt. :)
FABULOUS blog by the way!