Sunday, December 13, 2015

InspirationFX: Swarovski Snowflake Earrings

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Swarovski Snowflake Earrings 
by: Kelly Garland 

I happened upon this holiday idea by accident and couldn't help but take advantage of it!! It just so happens the stunning Swarovski Filigree Beads are hollow in construction and when you open the bead, it transforms into a stunning Swarovski snowflake earring. This does take a gentle hand but the results are fantastic.


1. Gently open the bead and use your fingers to straighten out the snowflake arms. Use your flat nose pliers to gently straighten the tips. One has a hole that will be used for attaching the findings.
2. Some of those wee little gems have probably fallen out by now as a result of moving the metal frame of bead. No worries!! We're going to strengthen the entire piece using Super Glue. Line up any gems that have fallen out and count them, making sure you have all the missing gems.
3. For the missing stones you'll need to add a small drop to the inside of each empty cup. Then drop your stone in using a tacky pen or the Krystal Katana. For stones that are still attached, create a small pool of Super Glue on a piece of paper or foil. Using a needle or head pin, pick up a small droplet of glue and run it along the side of the bezel cup. It will run around the entire cup and gem on it's own, securing the gem. Let sit for at least 2 hrs or until it's no longer tacky.
4. Attach a 4mm oval or round jump ring through the hole on the snowflake frame. Attach 3/4 inch fine chain. Count your links to ensure the earrings hang correctly. Note: I used sterling as it looks better with the antique finish of the frame. Attach sterling earring findings and viola! You're finished making some holiday fabulous!!



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