Thursday, December 10, 2015

Goliath and David in Seedbeads

65443222 Czech Seedbeads - 6/0 Seedbead - Opaque Rust/Black Travertine (20 grams)Once upon a time, there were two seedbead families. They lived side by side, and had a friendly rivalry. The Czech Seedbeads were a boisterous, loud, and happy family - they had thousands of relatives, and had huge parties where they stayed up 65443204 Czech Seedbeads - 6/0 Seedbead - White Blue Terra Melafyr (20 grams)all night. Why just recently - they had a massive party to celebrate two new branches of the family - the Travertine 6/0s, who were an earthy group that had a stony countenance but were the salt of the earth, and the Melafyr 6/0s - who were all high-tech and fancy because they knew a new technique for getting colour.

Across the stream, on the other side of the valley, lived the Japanese Seedbead clan. They were just as fun-loving in their own way, but were much more orderly about it. They had many festivals with elaborate costumes and intricate dances and valued a elegant, refined, approach to life.

65842038 Czech Seedbeads - 2/0 Seedbead - Opaque Blue/White Travertine (20 grams)And so it came to pass, in the valley of the beads, there was born two beady children.

To the Czech seedbead clan was born a happy gurgling child who blew snot bubbles and kicked and cooed and laughed. She was a large seedbead, right from the beginning, and they named her 2/0.
tc010990 Japanese Seedbeads - 1.5 mm Toho Cubes - Gold Lined AquaTo the Japanese family - there was born a tiny, delicate child - who viewed the world with huge, liquid eyes and long feathery lashes and had the look of something so delicate, she might break if you dropped her. She was an ethereal child, and they called her 1.5 mm Cube.

Now, you might expect from the title that these children would grow up to be great rivals, but they did not, because that's not how beads work. They were actually great friends, with the tiny 1.5 mm cube dancing circles around the big, bold, beautiful 2/0.

s47582 Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole MiniDuos - Crystal Bronze Pale GoldIn fact, the Czech 2-hole shaped bead clan, that lived in the next valley over, were so impressed with the tiny little 1.5 mm cube, that they decided to have more Mini-Duos! Will they be inspired by the large and laughing 2/0? Only time will tell!


s47609 BeadFX Discovery Kit - Large Custom Craft Bag and Supplies - Discover WireworkingIt's gift season and the season of thinking about friends and family. It's the season to make, give, and receive. If you'd like to give the gift of the joy and wonder of beading, we have assembled some Discovery Kits for you - custom designed in-house to make it easy for you. Our creative team has assembled a selection of kits that include our beautiful, hand-made and custom-designed Yazzii Bags (you might want to treat yourself too!) and a selection of tools and supplies appropriate to Beading, Wire working or Stringing! You're welcome!

Also hot on the gift-horizon are the do-it-yourself Rhinestone bracelets, and we have new colours of the ss 29 size Chatons. More colours means more ways to please!

You can check out all this week's new stuff here. Go forth and Bead Happy!

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