Thursday, May 20, 2010

Renovations are almost done

The carpentry was finished yesterday and Rosemary and the rest of the staff are already busy moving stock into our new store section.

We'll have a whole wall of Japanese seedbeads, both Miyuki and Toho, with space left for the new colours as they arrive.

The wall at the back of the room already has the wire and wire-working tools neatly displayed.

Base metal findings are along the wall to the classroom and silversmithing and other tools will be along the back wall.

It's still a bit dark back there, but the electrician will be here right after the 2-4 weekend to upgrade the lighting throughout the store and the classroom.


jen said...

Wow! It really looks so much bigger now.

dragonjools said...

I agree - I'm boggled. I was in the store today late last night - and it is so awesome. I bet it will be two weeks before anyone complains about where to put the new stuff! ;-)