Monday, March 31, 2014

InspirationFX: Copper Spiral Bracelet

Get your creative juices flowing

Copper Spiral Bracelet
by: Kelly Garland
Simply stack the beads on an eye pin and create a loop to finish off each section. Connect with a single copper jump ring. 
Add the toggle clasp with jumprings.
For extra durability and security - ensure your jump rings are worked to hardness so they do not open with pressure. Copper is a soft metal, and you don't want to lose your creation! 

Working metal to hardness happens naturally with any manipulation of the metal but of course, you don't want to leave marks or distort your jump rings. I like to use nylon jaw pliers and simply squeeze firmly several times over to harden (stiffen) the copper. 

I've also added a wee drop of E6000 to each eye loop at the connection point for added security. (Alternately - you can use wire and make a "wrapped loop" on each side.)
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