Thursday, June 16, 2016

Swallows Swoop and Dragonflies Zoom!

s49168 Czech Glass -  Swallow Oval - Sapphire Opal Picasso (10)
s49164 Czech Glass -  Dragonfly Coin - Midnight Ocean (5)
Summer time, and the living is beady,
Swallows swoop, and the dragonflies zoom
The colors are rich, and the patterns are easy,
So indulge in these Czech beads - you've plenty of room!
Yes - indulge yourself in more of theses49173 Czech Glass -  Nautilus Shell - Green Mix Copper Wash (10) wonderful Czech-made glass beads with pressed patterns of Swallows, Dragonflies, Starbursts, and even a Nautilus!

s49236 Metal Buttons -  Triskelion - Antiqued SilverIf, however, you are casting around looking for metal buttons - why - we have some of those too! Buttons aren't just for holding your clothes on, although they are great for that - but make fine clasps - with a loop of s49231 Metal Buttons -  Flower Shield - Antiqued Copperseedbeads to secure them, or as the start of a great design!

And if summer has you dealing with an invasion of bugs, and s49312 Metal Blank - 25 mm Round with Loop - Pewter (2)the swallows and dragonflies aren't getting rid of them for you - then you might have to resort to "stamping" them out!
Just make surs49574 Supplies - Casting - 1/2 pound EasyMold - Silcone Puttye that with the humidity - you make molds, and not grow them! This molding putty is super easy to use - just knead one part of the purple and one of the white (you can approximate - it's not super critical) and press your item into it, and 10 minutes later - you have a mold, ready to use. You'll find yourself making molds of everything in the house, from interesting old carvings to door knobs to whatever you can find. All ready to use with resin, clay, metal clay, polymer clay, or glass clay - and probably other things I can't think of at the moment.

Anyway - I encourage you to check out all the new items here and see what tickles your fancy!
Bead Happy!

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