Sunday, June 05, 2016

InspirationFX: Sweet, Sweet Rosebuds

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Sweet, Sweet Rosebuds
by: Rochelle Kilmer 

Shadows edge in on the path as dusk approaches quietly. Woodchips crunch underfoot as a fragrant aroma floats in the breeze.  Oh, how sweet it smells against the warm, earthyfoliage. The last moments of precious sunlight twinkle down through thetreetops. Light dances, flashes of colour appear as the sun sinks lower in thesky. Observing my surroundings closer, small rosebuds are scattered along both sidesof the pathway! Sparkling colours wait patiently with a luscious scent to bringjoy to the next person lucky enough to stumble upon them. 


1)     Cut a piece of softflex, about 1 foot long.Crimp one end and string on your rosebuds and glass leaves. I strung them in arandom order. Crimp the other end closed. When crimping, leave a decent sizedloop for a thicker jumpring.
2)     Open up an 8mm black jumpring, attach it to oneend of your rosebud strand and through the leafy chain. Close your jumpring. Ileft about a 1 inch dangle at each end of my leafy chain.
3)     Do the same on the other end.  The focal piece is done!
4)     Cut your leather in half.
5)     String one half through an 8mm jumpring on yourrosebud chain. Place a distressed barrel over both ends of the leather andslide it all the way down to the jumpring. If you do not want the barrels tomove you can glue them down. Raise the bead above where you want it to sit, placea small dab of super glue and slide the bead over. Let glue dry before movingthe necklace.
6)     Do the same on the other end.
7)     Flatten the leather end crimps over both ends ofleather, on each half, using your chain nose pliers.
8)     Attach the large hook clasp using a smalljumpring.



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