Sunday, April 17, 2016

InspirationFX: Tanzanite Jellies

Tanzanite Jellies
by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Are these too much? Are they too over the top? Of course they aren't. Wear these and hold your head up high - which helps to take the sag out of your jawline and make you look younger. See - big earrings are more

They are surprisingly comfortable, actually, and really are flattering.

These two new shapes from Swarovski look like they were designed to fit together, and perhaps they were. The centre stone is from Swarovski's designer of the year (for 2016) - Celine Cousteau - a designer with her
soul in the oceans, like her pioneering father and brothers. This Jelly Fish inspired stone is accented with a matte finish and scalloped edges.

The accompanying twister stone evokes starfish and tornadoes, and x's and kisses.

First - set the stone in it's finding. (We sell the stone and the finding together for these fancy stones.)

Line up the stone with the shape of the mount, drop it into place, and bend the prongs down to hold the stone in place. The nylon jaw pliers work especially well for this - no chance of scratching the stone.

Once you have mounted all the stones, cut a piece of wire about 10 inches long (25 cm). You can use any wire of the right colour 22 gauge or thinner. Fold the in half, almost at the centre. Fold it around your round nose pliers so that there is a tight u shape, not a v shape. One end should be about a little more than 1/2 an inch (1.5 cm) longer than the other - if not, trim one to make it shorter.

Thread the wires through the two holes in the side of the stone mount of one of the Twister stones. You will find that having one wire end shorter will make this MUCH easier - as you thread one, and then the other, and the first one doesn't come unthreaded while you struggle with the second.

Then add the Jellyfish, and the next Twister.

Once the two wires have come out of the top, give them a couple of twists, and then fold one out of the way. Make a wrapped loop in the second wire end, and wrap back down to the stone mount, wrapping over the twist. Then cut both wire ends off nice and flush. Make sure the loop faces forward for the earring to hang facing frontwards.

Open the loop on the earwire, add the assembled dazzlingness, and close it back up. Hey presto! You are done! Enjoy!

If this appeals to you, but you want to go even bigger - you could string them into a bracelet - just get enough to do the full length and use a heavy gold softflex instead to string, or make segments of three - like these earrings - and link them together with jumprings.

Have fun and remember to be dazzling!



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