Monday, February 08, 2016

Greetings from Tucson!

Hey there. Psst. Come on in. I'm writing to you from the To Bead True Blue Show. Last day here. It's been a blast. I wanted to share with you a quick peek at some of the vendors I've found here and their exciting products. Students of mine will see samples of my many new discoveries at upcoming classes and I'll also share pictures in future blogs. Here we go...

Patricia Healey sells finished fabricated copper pieces and components. Look at the gorgeous colours she coaxes out of copper. 

I love these delicate necklaces that layer filigree components and use patina to make them stand out. These are from Filigree and Me. You can buy them plain or with verdigris finish, same price.

Think this is resin? Think again. Great image sheets and reasonably priced bezels and components come together quickly under jewellers glass to create these whimsical and personalized pendants and bracelets. Check out Craft Fantastic for more info. 


The original, the one and only Marianne Kasparian and her MAKUstudio raku pieces. Great as components for wire workers and bead embroiders.

More raku from Laura Souder. She also creates polymer clay tubes that handily act as closures on hand dyed silk ribbons!

Want great pliers? The ladies at the Xuron booth are happy to let you test drive their made in the USA products on jump rings. Try before you buy!

Glass. Fossils. Unusual stones. Irresistible. 

Big trend in many booths: semi precious stones edged in crystal clay and crusted with crystals and stones edged in gold that are ready to string as pendants. Bonus Druzies. 

Clay Revolution anyone? Prometheus Clay and supplies were flying out of the booth. 

And it's not just hotel rooms that are full of vendors! Stores and teachers rent hotel rooms where you can learn and shop. Vendors spill out into the parking lots and hotel courtyards in covered tents. Here's a picture of the courtyard at the Radisson.  

And talk about interesting! Check out Jody Youngs's raised texture embroidery and Bring Barbie Back brooches. 

Sunny shopping days. Well I'm heading back to Toronto tomorrow. I'll share a peek into the treasures I picked up in my next blog. 

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Gail Speers said...

Great post Cindy! I've been checking out the shows in Tucson too. So much variety, so much quantity, so many different show venues! I highly recommend doing it at least once...a bit hard on the pocketbook, but some great treasures! Most new/interesting? Bring back Barbie! Dang, I sold mine a few years ago...these were really nicely embellished Barbie heads, for pendants I think. Can't wait to see your treasures!