Thursday, January 21, 2016

This week is buttoned up!

s43700 One of a Kind -  Minaudiere Clutch Blank - RectangularCute as a button - that's what these are - we have just two of these - semi-vintage Minaudiere clutches. We've had a few of these in the past - and they never made it to the website or the store, because the staff here keeps snapping them up for their own use!

These are blank metal purses. They are not lined, and they are undecorated. A pursa rasa - so to speak. These are similar to the kind that Judith Leiber uses to make her fabulous multi-thousand dollar purses, encrusted with rhinestones and coloured stones. (These may, in fact, have come from her studio - they were with others that were labeled Judith Lieber, but we can't prove the provenance on these particular ones.)
They are not large - designed to be held in the hand (for instance - you can't stash a cell phone in one unless you have an old flip phone), but they have two fold-out loops for attaching a chain for a handle. You can stash your lipstick and a few credit cards - for those exclusive nights out on the town.

All in all - they are delightful and whether you make a purse, a presentation box, a memory box or a gift box from them, they are a well-made and enchanting little item. Rectangle with Gold Trim. Rectangle with Scoop.
s47617 Crystaletts - 5 mm Pearl Button - White Pearl / Silver Rhodium (20)

Speaking of buttons - how about these Crystaletts! A few new selections in the tiny, tiny button world of Crystaletts - adding pearl buttons, turquoise buttons, s47614 Crystaletts - 3 mm Micro Spike Button - Gold (20)and Micro Spikes!

But what really buttons up our theme for this week is - Stone Buttons! s47656 Stone Buttons -  2 Hole Oval Button - Cherry QuartzRectangles and Ovals - from Jade to Rose Quartz to Amethyst and beyond!s47658 Stone Buttons -  2 Hole Oval Button - Dog Tooth Amethyst

Now that I think about it - this week is bursting it's buttons with goodies.
We have some other fun and funky sts47630 Stone Cabochon -  Heart Leaf Cabochon - Jade (5)uff - not your regular run of the mill items - s47629 Bone -  Bar - Natural Bonesuch as these old Natural Bone cubes and bar links, and these fun Heart Leaf Jade cabochons. Can't figure out how you would use a cabochon? Wes47631 Stone -  Heart Leaf Cabochon Pendants - Jade (5) have these as tiny pendants/charms as well.

s47637 Stone -  Round on Chain - Jade (2)
How about these jade rounds on a short chain? Dangly earrings anyone?
And - for those of you who s47684 Firepolish - 4 mm Faceted Round - Crystal Etched California Gold Rush (50)have been asking for the 4 mm Etched firepolish - here it is!

s47597 Riveting -  Steel Block - RivetingAnd for the Tool Junkies - you know who you are! - a steel riveting block that has preformed places for holding and shaping rivets in various sizes. Make your own rivets, with no more guesswork on the length of wire to be cut. Use the holes at the top to pre-cut the perfect length of wire for your projects. The holes in the middle are about 1.8 mm deep, so every cut is just the right amount of wire needed to create "head" on both sides. The dimples on the left side are used for support when riveting in order to hold the shape of the rounded rivet head. The circles on the right side are for riveting eyelets in 3 different sizes without flattening the rounded rims. Dimples on the side of the block are for rivets and on the opposite side are circles for eyelets. One tool does so much!

And for finishing - assortment packs of sandpaper and sanding sponges.

s47641 Cloisonne - 7.5 x 16 mm Drop - Gold / PinkNew shapes ands47652 Cloisonne - 35 mm Cherry Blossom Lentil - Turquoise Blue sizes of Cloisonne,

and in time for Valentines 27800956-06 Glass - 10 mm Heart - Crystal Volcano Full (5)Day - a new selection of dazzling hearts.

There's more, but I'll shut up now and let you check out all the new items here or click on a link above! Go forth and create and be happy!


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