Thursday, November 05, 2015

Insert Bad Pun about Cold Weather ...

27800955-02 Shaped Glass - 2 Hole Chilli Beads - Crystal Apricot Transparent Half Coat (25)Normally - I could insert some comment about how the weather is getting colder and then segue to the new "Chilli" beads - via either a comment about temperature, or the bean and meat dish from the southwest. However - the weather has been truly delightful and uncommonly warm, and I am disinclined to complain. It's just too effing gorgeous!

27800955-20 Shaped Glass - 2 Hole Chilli Beads - Silver Metallic (25)However, that leaves me without the obvious ways to introduce you to these tasty new beads - the Chilli bead. (Note the two l's in the name.) But I urge you to get acquainted with them!

They are a cupped, petal-shape, or perhaps a boat-shape, if you prefer, with two holes, and a propensity for snuggling. You should totally check out the samples that Preciosa-Ornela - the manufacturer - has online, because they really are stunning! By themselves - or cupped around other beads ... this changes everything! I mean - just look at this flower!

27888110-01 Shaped Glass - 2 Hole Lentil - Butter Pecan (50)On the topic of shaped beads - more colours 27888110-06 Shaped Glass - 2 Hole Lentil - Matte Copper (50)of the 2 hole lentils - Butter Pecan, Matte Copper, and many more!

s46863 Finding -  Bezel for 12 x 16 mm Oval - Antiqued Brass (1)
Other odds and ends - we have this nice little bezel that takes 12 x 16 cabochons - which admittedly we don't have a tonne of - check here. Actually - it has a bit of wiggle room - it will do up to 13.5 x 18.5 mm cabs - which means the pretty Lunasoft cabs fit too. We have the bezels in Antique Gold and Antique Silver.
s46866 Finding - Link -  Fancy Snowflake - Antiqued Brass (1)
Also new - these pretty sort of snowflakey design links, connectors, whathaveyou. These come in all the metal colours and are living on this page with the other fancy linky things.

These leafy pendants - also with a little bezel - are s46878 Finding -  Leaf Pendant with Round Bezel - Antiqued Brass (1)super pretty too. A nice little pearl in one of these and you have a really lovely pendant!

27600215-02 Global Chic -  Teardrop - Brown/Blue (strand)
If you saw the projects using the Global Chic beads, well - we have those too now.

s47254 Stone Beads - 8 mm Round - Sodalite (strand)And if you are feeling blue - then I am so-dalighted to tell you we have new Sodalite in! It's hard to go wrong with this lovely blue and black and white natural stone!

s47415 Book -  Introducing Albion Stitch - By Heather Kingsley-HeathAnd for the beadweaving and new stitch hounds - we have the new book on Albion Stitch - because you can never know too many bead stitches, right?

And because leather is continuing to grow in popularity, especially as more and more of you figure out all the cool ways to customize it, we are adding a 74560007 Tools -  Leather Creaser - Adjustable  -  (1)bunch more leather tools for stamping, punching, scoring, cutting, embossing, and etceteraing.

And don't forget - the Treasure Hunt sale is still on! Look for Manager Specials - 50% off!

Check out all the new items here, or click on a link or image and hop directly to that item! Go forth and Bead Happy!

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