Tuesday, October 06, 2015

So, how do those beads fit together?

As a seed beader, I love when we get new beads -- all colours and all shapes! Recently we've added several new 2-hole shapes that are begging to be included in designs, but did they all fit together?

The answer is a cautious yes - depending on how you're going to use them.

To check the fit, I used two headpins and slid on some beads. What I found was:

1.The 'tile', 'brick', 'triangle' and 'Chexx' square fit very well together.

2. The 'lentil', 'Twins', 'SuperDuos' and 'Piggy Beads' fit well together, but their holes were a little closer together than the other set.

Because there are various manufacturers of beads, the holes don't necessarily line up with other brands of beads. It's like Coke and Pepsi - both are essentially the same product; great on their own; are used for the same thing but they are not exactly the same when it comes to taste.

If you want more of a guarantee to matching up holes, it's best to stick within a particular brand such as Czech Mates. Their products include the Triangles, SuperDuos, Daggers, Quadratiles, Brick Tiles, and Lentil. The labels are clearly marked CzMates in the store.

But don't forget the other shaped beads too such as the Infinity beads, and the new Tango beads.

The  moral of this story is experiment! In the great scheme of things though, no matter which beads you choose, chances are you'll be including them in designs using a needle and thread. Stitching techniques are more forgiving in sizing than wiring beads together on a headpin! There are lots of projects in magazines and a plethora of books utilizing two-hole beads should you need some ideas. Best yet, just play and come up with your own designs.

Have fun - it's just beads!

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