Thursday, May 14, 2015

As promised - 2 mm Firepolish rounds ...

s44616 Firepolish - 2 mm Faceted Round - Crystal Labrador (strand 150)In a complete reversal of physics - we appear to be getting sucked in by smaller and smaller beads! We have a new source of 2 mm firepolish rounds - and these are s44624 Firepolish - 2 mm Faceted Round - Jet Gold (strand 150)actually smaller than our old 2 mm rounds - these are more like 1.8 x 2 mm instead of the huge, hulking 2.2 x 2.4 mm firepolish rounds that we used to have. Gawd, they were so big and gross! These new 2 mm firepolish and slim and dainty and elegant and will make all your beading design better. ;-)

74211600-06 Chain - 16 x 30 mm Lucite Chain - Passionfruit (15 inches)If your thoughts are running to summer fun - even though right here, summer was apparently 3 days long and is now over - (ahem - Mother Nature - not impressed!) and 74211601-02 Chain - 22 x 40 mm Lucite Chain - Brasilia (15 inches)you are thinking of making something fun and casual and ... waterproof ... we have some fun, funky, colourful and LARGE lucite chain. Probably not strong enough to tow the QEII but certainly - sizable stuff!

75001000-08 Cord - 5 mm Polyester Cord - PowHockie (5 feet)75001000-07 Cord - 5 mm Polyester Cord - Punchlicious (5 feet)Also new and interesting is this 5 mm round polyester-covered, patterned cord. Use it like you would the 5 mm round leather for bracelets, wrist wraps, etc. It also has a hollow core - so you could thread a wire down the centre and then bend it into a shape and it would hold that shape.

So jump into the great new stuff here, or click on a link or image above! Bead on!

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