Thursday, May 07, 2015

As the Crystal Metallic Sun shines down on the Blush Rose ...

27757546002008 Swarovski Bead - 6 mm Faceted Butterfly (5754) - Crystal Metallic Sunshine (1)It was a bright and sunny day when suddenly - a butterfly floated by ... as silent on gossamer 27750001725257 Swarovski Bead - 6 mm Faceted Round (5000) - Blush Rose (1)wings as a thing that doesn't make any sound and it landed on a rose, a rose as pink and perfect as the two lips of your first love way back in grade school - assuming you went to school in a country where they have grade school, which if you didn't, then just think about when you were very young and you were infatuated with someone and thought that they were perfect, unless all you ever really wanted was a pony - in which case, this is totally not going to work for you as an analogy, or a simile, whichever it is, as I started it so long ago I now can't remember which it is - but I'm definitely thinking it is a candidate for the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest.

But think about that - beautiful warm sunshine and feeling it on your face, hot and heavy after a ridiculously long winter. And think about the warm flush on your skin, soft as a whisper petals - the heady scent of roses. Think about a stolen moment - when you know you are supposed to be cleaning or cooking or doing something for someone, but instead, you are just enjoying the sun and breeze and scents and being alive. OK - got it?

This week we have this summer's new Swarovski colours - Crystal Metallic Sun (an effect) and Blush Rose (a new colour). Metallic Sun is a warm, sunny-ambery colour with gold foil backs, and Blush Rose is a deeper shade, but the same hue, as Vintage Rose - soft and pink and happy! How can you go wrong with that?

27757411210257 Swarovski Crystal Pendant - 12 mm Love Bead (5741) - Blush Rose (1)Also new in the Swarovski Crystal are some new shapes. Check out this rather nice variation 27755150021008 Swarovski Bead - 9.5 x 14 mm Emerald Cut Bead (5515) - Crystal Metallic Sunshine (1)on a heart bead - called the Love Bead - which is appealing because of it's very crisp and define shape, and flat table.

I admit to a liking too for this shape - the Emerald Cut Bead - article 5515. We only have a few at the moment - but I like the strong, handsome shape of it.

s12538 Freshwater Pearls - 14 mm Coin Pearl - Pale Gold (strand)s16029 Freshwater Pearls - 10 mm Coin Pearl - Dark Bronze Peacock (strand)We also have some pearls - just a few this week - more to come soon - but check out the new coin pearls, and these absolutely classic 5 mm round pearls. s34909 Freshwater Pearls - 5 mm Round - Classic Cream (strand)

Could you not make an heirloom with these? Is there a wedding coming up? If you love the look of traditional wedding jewelry - these are your pearls!

s44561 Softflex Beading Wire - 10 ft .019 (Medium) - Garnet Red (Spool)And speaking of stringing - we s44552 Softflex Beading Wire - 10 ft .014 (Fine) - Extreme 24k Gold (Spool)were speaking of stringing, weren't we? - the softflex now is also available in 10 foot spools - try a colour or the Extreme metal series without the commitment!

So dive into the great new stuff here, or click on a link or image above! Bead on!

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