Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Cats are away ...

The mice gonna have some fun!

tb11r904 Japanese Seedbeads - 11/0 Toho Seedbeads - Apricot CeylonThe Fearless Beader has headed off to Tucson for the annual bead extravaganza. She left the mice at home. The mice are going to get even.

What goodies have the mice got this week?
tb15r22 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Toho Seedbeads - Silver Lined Light TopazThe mice love their num-nums, and this week, its Apricot Ceylon, Peach Blush, Butter, Lemon, and Tomato Soup! And if those 11/0 Toho seedbeads weren't enough for you, there is also size 15/0 Toho Seedbeads - for the mousie on a diet! 46 tb15r1829 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Toho Seedbeads - Inside Colour Peridot / Jet Lustrenew choices - so, as diets go, perhaps something of a failure!

Back in the bigger beads, size db1842f Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Matte Dark Copper [Duracoat] (5 grams)11/0 Delicas ... it's Delicas in Duracoat! The Duracoat is a more durable colour, so for those Galvanized colours, in applications like bracelets, where they get more wear, the Duracoat Delicas give you more options! From Matte Chocolate Bronze to Matte Champagne to Matte Cinnamon to Matte Cranberry and Matte Silver Lemon, the mice are partying hearty!

What else have those crazy mice been up to? Well - they decided to have a sale! A sale on seedbeads! All the seedbeads, 25% off - (including the new stuff!) - so stock up!

More Mouseplay!

Not content with just putting the seedbeads on sale - the mice have picked out some favourites for some simply dazzling deals!
27750300200001 Swarovski Bead - 18 mm Lucerna (5030) - Crystal (1)There's a light! (over at the Frankenstein place)
There's a light (burning in the fireplace)
There's a light, light, in the darkness of everybody's life
Let these Lantern-inspired Lucernas light up your designs - at the dazzling sale price of 50% off!

27753101001002 Swarovski Bead - 4.5 mm Simplicity Cut (5310) - Crystal Golden Shadow (1)Simplicity, it works for me
It keeps me beadin' hard ...
Keep it simple with Simplicity Spacers - 35% off!

s30140 Swarovski Fancy Stone -  Crystal Letters (Article 4889) - H (1)Crystal Letters - letters from home, letters from the sky - how about 70% off Swarovski Letter rhinestones! 

And if that doesn't spell it out for you, how about these vertical letter cubes? 50% off!

s37059 Swarovski Fancy Rhinestones - 18.5 x 27 mm Faceted Rectangle Cut (4627) - Chrysolite (1)
And if you are thinking about a special centerpiece to go with your seedbeads - the mice are putting out these Swarovski Fancy stones - the big, the bold, the beautiful - rhinestones with real estate at a dazzling 50% off! 

Quantities may be limited, so trap yourself some deals (never say "trap" to a mouse!)

Click on a link or an image to go directly to the items, or review all the new items here!

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