Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mousey Confusion is a Good Bargain for you.

Never send a mouse to do a cat's job!

The mice got confused setting up the sale last night ... and put the

34760391023001 Swarovski Fancy Stone - 38 mm Disk (6039) - Crystal Copper (1)Fancy Stones on sale,

instead of the Fancy RHINEstones.

Sheesh - you can't hire good mice anymore!

s39488 Swarovski - Rhinestones - 23 mm Faceted Square (4675) - Crystal AB (1) But what the heck - let's put 'em both on sale and let you sort them out!

So, you decide, do you want Fancy Stones or Fancy STONES? Or, like Iggy Azalea, are you so fancy, you'll take both?  ;-) 50% off - you don't have to be fancy with a deal like that!

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