Thursday, January 01, 2015

Haven't seen you all year!

s42903 Leather Riveting Supplies - 6 mm Compression Rivets - Bright Gold (10)It's my annual shtick - bad jokes about the end of the year - a topic I'm sure you'll find absolutely riveting. And you'll pretty much have to be riveted, because leather and rivets is what we have for you this week! Rivets, Compression Rivets, Eyelets. What the heck is the difference?

Well - eyelets are for when you want a hole, surrounded by metal.

Rivets are for when you want a pin, for a cold connection (mechanical, instead of soldered).

Compression Rivets are for when you want a rivet, but you want it to be easier. And bigger. I love compression rivets.

A compression rivet is a tube fitting into a sleeve, so they are wider and lighter than traditional rivets. They are especially nice for leather. Punch a hole, stick the back through the hole, drop the cap on - whack with a hammer. Easy peasy. I have projects coming up this weekend featuring them - so be sure and check those out!

s43327 Leather - .5 x 10 inch Leather Strip - Olive (1)In fact - we got a bunch of new leather strips for riveting onto, and some cool s43006 Riveting Supplies -  8 Cardinal Points - Rivetable - Antiqued Copper (1)s42995 Leather Riveting Supplies -  Bamboo Centerpiece / Link - Antiqued Gold (1)decorative stuff to rivet onto the leather too. These "rivetables" act like decorative washers - rivet these into place for a great visual effect.

And some fancy new clasps to go with the whole leather
s43046 Findings - Leather -  Floral Z Hook Clasp - Antiqued Gold (1)thing too. s42999 Riveting Supplies -  SS34 Base - Rivetable - Metal Noir (1)And these are particularly fun - Rivet these into place, and then glue a size SS34 flatback into the middle for an awesome rhinestone look! Check out our Tierracast Leather Findings section!

s42930 Leather Riveting Tools - 4 mm Rivet Setter - Stainless Steel (1)And even a few tools - the Eyelet Flaring set, and the 4 and 6 mm rivet setter. (You don't need these for the compression rivets, but I have to admit, they do make a nicer, rounded top - a hammer alone makes a flatter head.)

We're so organized - is this a trend for the new year? It would be nice to think so!

Payment Methods

On an unhappy note - our online payment processing system is no longer able to take Interac payments - our processor has dropped the service due to low volume. We are bummed about this, and will see if we can implement an alternate system, but for now, it looks like we're not going to be able to take Interac Online (instore is still fine, of course!). All our other payment methods are still in place, we do take credit cards and paypal still, just fine, however!

Holidays are about done

We will re-open Friday, Jan 2. As usual, our trusty computers are standing by - ready to take your online orders. Please give us a couple of days to get back up to speed!

So click on a link or an image to go directly to the items, or review all the new items here!

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