Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are you ready to Sparkle?

34760221430001 Swarovski Elements Bead - 14 mm Raindrop (6022) - Crystal Satin (1)Laaaaadies and Gentleman - It's a lovely day here today at the BeadFX Swarovski Park and we are all set for the Sparkle Classic.

Earlier today, we thought we might get some Raindrops but it appears to have cleared up and the Helios 34760401050006 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 30 mm Helios (6040) - Crystal Iridescent Green (1)is shining, in Crystal Iridescent Green and three different sizes.

Are you reeeeeeady to start? Start your sparkle engines! On the count of One, Two, Swarovski ... and they are off.

Hot off the line are the Pearl Twins - two fabulous complementary pearl 27758601000930 Swarovski Elements Pearl - 10 mm Coin Pearl (5860) - Iridescent Green Pearl (5)colours that go together like night 2775810s41902 Swarovski Gemstone Pearl - 10 mm Round Pearl (5810) - Iridescent Purple Pearl (10)and day, bacon and eggs, chocolate and everything.

Next, the Briolettes Drop into place. These are a 34760100096006 Swarovski Elements Bead - 5.5 x 11 mm Briolette Drops (6010) - Crystal Iridescent Green (1)34760100085259 Swarovski Elements Bead - 5.5 x 11 mm Briolette Drops (6010) - Tangerine (1)classic rounded end drop with a horizontal hole and are available in Crystal Iridescent Green and Tangerine.

27750401018006 Swarovski Elements Bead - 6 mm Faceted Donut (5040) - Crystal Iridescent Green (1)27750401029259 Swarovski Elements Bead - 8 mm Faceted Donut (5040) - Tangerine (1)Rolling along right behind are the Faceted Donuts, also coming at you in Crystal Iridescent Green and Tangerine.

34762021072006 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 10 mm Faceted Heart (6202) - Crystal Iridescent Green (1)34762021025259 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 10 mm Faceted Heart (6202) - Tangerine (1)And if the excitement of that hasn't gotten your heart beating faster, then you should examine these, or check your pulse - you might be dead.

34761060096006 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 22 mm Faceted Pear Drop (6106) - Crystal Iridescent Green (1)Dropping in right behind the hearts are the Faceted Pear Drops - another classic like the Briolettes, but flatter in profile.

And here comes the pack of Minis - smaller faceted tablet beads that enhance and enchant without overwhelming. There's the Mini-Rounds, the Mini-Ovals, the Mini-Pears, the Mini-Rectangles, the Mini-Drops, the Mini-Squares, and of course, the Mini-Rhombus - the Rhombus being a square with a diagonal hole!

27750520035001 Swarovski Bead - 6 mm Mini-Round (5052) - Crystal Silver Night (1) 27750510060259 Swarovski Bead - 8 x 10 mm Mini-Oval (5051) - Tangerine (1) 34761281035259 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 10 mm Mini Pear (6128) - Tangerine (1) 27750550050208 Swarovski Bead - 8 x 10 mm Mini-Rectangle (5055) - Siam (1) 27750560042001 Swarovski Bead - 8 x 12 mm Mini-Drop (5056) - Crystal Silver Shadow (1) 27750530040209 Swarovski Bead - 6 mm Mini-Square (5053) - Rose (1) 27750540010280 Swarovski Bead - 6 mm Mini-Rhombus (5054) - Jet (1)

27753011563001 Swarovski Elements Bead - 4 mm Faceted Xilion Bicone (5328) - Crystal Iridescent Green 2X (36)27750002700006 Swarovski Elements Bead - 10 mm Faceted Round (5000) - Crystal Iridescent Green (1)And they are coming around the turn - it's the Faceted Bicones neck and neck with the Faceted Rounds.

34764281010259 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 6 mm Xilion Rivoli Drops (6428) - Tangerine (1)The Rivoli Drops in behind, but wait, coming up from the outside 34760280045006 Swarovski Elements - 10 mm Pendant Oval (6028) - Crystal Iridescent Green (1)are the Pendant Ovals with a surprise turn of speed and it's, it's, it's just too dazzling to tell. They are all winners here today!

Creativ Festival

We'll be at the Creative Festival Oct 24, 25 and 26, and sponsoring classes and doing Make & Takes in the booth as well. Drop in and drop by!

Trunk Show

We're also organizing a Lampworkers/Metal Smith/Hand made Trunk Show (on Nov 15). We do this to support artists that would like to try selling but are intimidated by making enough inventory for a full show. If you would like to participate and be a vendor, contact us for details.

All sorts of other new goodies too, so as always - you can click on a link or image above, or get started with the new items here. Happy Shopping!

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