Monday, June 30, 2014

InspirationFX: A Spray Bouquet


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A Spray Bouquet

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Sometimes, I just like to noodle around with beads without worrying too much about what I am making. Just playing with the beads. This technique is good for using left over odds and ends of beads too. You can add a pin-back to these to make them into a brooch, decorate a summer hat with them, or maybe use them as decorative elements on a table for a dinner party, or even on a side board or in a guest powder room?

To make the leaf portions, take a piece of relatively fine wire, i.e. 26 gauge, slide a leaf bead to the center, and fold the wire in half, with that bead at the centre. Then twist the bead until you have about a quarter inch of "stem" and the leaf is held securely. Then divide the wire, and slide another leaf on down close to the first one, about an inch out, and twist the leaf, holding the wires secured, until you have another short stem made. Then do the same on the other wire. Continue alternating wires until you have enough leaves.

For the blooms, add your dagger, petal beads, etc., 6 or more to a piece of wire, and then twist until they are tightly held. They will probably want to flop back and forth still, however, so add a drop of clear glue between each petal in order for them to hold their shape.

Make your leafs and flowers separately, then twist the stems together, and overwrap with more wire to secure them and make the main branch stronger and more secure. Make sure to tuck pointy ends in and trim them off so that no one gets stabbed.



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