Monday, April 21, 2014

InspirationFX: Boho Beauty


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Boho Beauty

by: Pam Kearns

Bohemian - or "Boho" styled jewellery is appearing in the magazines for Spring styles. I remember when they came out in the70s as "peasant" styles. Either way, the look is casual and fun.

This necklace is knotted using a variety of colour-related  beads. As some of the beads have larger holes, I added the size 8/0 seed beads at the knots so the beads didn't slip over the knots. The Roller beads have quite large holes and didn't line up well so I added size 8/0 beads inside the holes of the roller beads.

The bead caps also needed filling so I used size 6/0 beads inside them to help keep them lined up. Of course, you can use any colour beads on the inside as they won't be seen.

The knotting is done the same as you would between pearls (Rae Huggins frequently has pearl knotting classes). I used an awl to help line up the knots.

To finish, I tied the C-lon cord using a surgeon's knot (right over left and under; left over right and under and under again). I added a lentil to each string near the knot - next time though I would make the string longer - just for fun!

Finished length is about 31 inches.



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Gail Davis said...

I'm seeing this a bit later, but must say that I really love the design and colours you used, Pam.... a very striking necklace!
Now to find some pretty beads, since I can no longer whip over to Beadfx.

dragonjools said...

We do ship - just 'cuz you can't drop in - doesn't mean you can't have our lovely beads. ;-)