Friday, December 20, 2013

Old Shoes Made Again

I've always wanted to bling out a pair of shoes for the store and finally found the perfect pair to do so. 

These are satin and faux patent leather pumps that I "found" at my apartment building. Gotta love it when people move out and leave stuff behind. Brand new never been used Scarpino pumps. 

Rochelle and I worked out a colour scheme for each section of the shoe. We're going with an ombré look in blues. Starting at the back of the shoe with Swarovski Crystal SS20 flatbacks, I'm going to apply Crystal, Light Sapphire, Crystal Blue Shade, Denim Blue, Sapphire, Capri Blue and end with Jet. Fantastico!!!

Of course, I'm using the Crystal Ninja's Professional glue kit and her Crystal Katana. The glue I chose to use for this is the white glue in the Crystal Ninja fine tip applicator bottle. 

Stay tuned for more progress pictures. 

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Rochelle Kilmer said...

Im so excited to see the final product !!!