Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Your input is needed ... Metal Clay Play Days

BeadFX runs a monthly Metal Clay Play Day for the lovers of Art Clay Silver and the many other metal clays available. However, we're finding that we are seldom getting sign-ups for the sessions -- and we don't really know why!

We are asking for your help! If you're a lover of metal clay, what would you like to see for an open session? We've had lots of new classes in metal clays led by Heather Bell Denison, Liz Reynolds and Jenn Jevons and many people have been introduced to this fascinating medium.

As it stands now, the Metal Clay Play Day is held monthly on a Sunday from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Participants, who have had a metal clay class, can come in and work with metal clays and use the tools and materials that are on hand at BeadFX. Participants can come in for the full session or for part of the session. Jennifer Tough, our knowledgeable facilitator, will help you with your designs and give you tips to work with the clays. The nominal cost of $20 per person covers the cost of having a facilitator and other overhead expenses.

We'd love your input on the following questions by e-mail to Pamela Kearns, our Class Coordinator:
  1. Are you aware of the Metal Clay Play Days?
  2. Have you been to a Metal Clay Play Day?
  3. Would you be interested in coming to a Metal Clay Play Day?
  4. What would encourage you to attend?
  5. Is Sunday convenient or inconvenient for you? What is a better day or time for you?
  6. How often would you want to come to a Metal Clay Play Day?
  7. Do you have any comments or concerns about Metal Clay Play Days?
Please give us some feedback by e-mail to Pamela Kearns at pam@beadfx.com.

Thank you so much!

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cjc said...

Could you send out reminders of upcoming metal clay play days? I always want to attend but find I've just missed it this month or I have a conflict that month. Maybe a week's notice would be enough.