Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nervous about being in a classroom with others?
Think about a Private Class!

Not everyone likes to be a part of a class but are still eager to learn a new jewellery-making technique. Some students feel they need more attention than they may receive in a larger class. Others find the commotion of a class to be distracting, making it difficult to learn. If you find yourself in this situation, then perhaps a private class is a solution!

Most instructors are happy to offer private classes to students who, for their own reasons, are not comfortable in a classroom full of students. Also, perhaps the class you want to learn isn't on the calendar yet or convenient to your schedule.

There are many benefits to scheduling a private class for yourself or with a friend:
  • You get undivided attention from the instructor
  • A class can be designed around your own needs and interests
  • More information may be able to be conveyed in the same length of time as a regular class, allowing the instructor to go beyond beginner levels.
Yes, private classes are a little more expensive than standard class fees but perhaps not as much as you think!

If you are interested in inquiring about private classes, call me (Pamela Kearns) and I'll help you find out more. I'll ask you some questions about what you're specifically seeking to learn and your availability for possible class dates. On your behalf, I'll contact the appropriate instructor about her availability and private class fees and material/kit fees and relay the information back to you as quickly as possible.

If you choose that the class isn't right for you, you can decline without any obligation. If you choose to go ahead - GREAT! Classes will need to be paid for to be considered confirmed. As a student, you will receive the same 15% discount as all other students!

For more information or to arrange a private class, contact:
Pamela Kearns, Class Coordinator
Phone: (416) 751-1911, ext. 223
E-mail: pam@beadfx.com

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