Thursday, May 02, 2013

It's International Decoupage Week!

s35861 Decoupage Picture Beads - 30 mm Coin - Paisley Daze (1)Yes - it is the international celebration of glueing pictures onto things and then shellacking the heck out of them. s35851 Decoupage Picture Beads - 30 mm Mandala Coin - Sunflower (1)Fortunately - we have come a long way in the advancement of the Art of Decoupage. Long gone are the tin cans with catalogue pictures glued to them of our childhoods (and us glued to just about everything else too!) Although - I would swear that these paisley motif beads have not come a long way from the 60's, at all, at all!

These beads are fun and super-lightweight - which makes them great for summer jewelry - speaking of which ... it's warmed up! Hey - maybe we're going to stop getting spring on the installment plan and really get some nice weather! I can hear a lawnmower already - that's a good sign, right?

In fact - it would be a good time to think about sneaking outside and reading a book. Omigawd, yes - a real book, with pages and everything! Because, if you've ever tried to read a tablet in strong light, swat a fly with it, dropped a sandwich or a drink on it, or had it fall in the pool, you can appreciate the value of the, ahem, "more mature" technology. And if you're going to do that, how about your own, custom bookmark? We have some totally s35831 Bookmark with Loop - 5 inch Handsome Horse - Silvertone (1)s35833 Bookmark / Letteropener -  Celtic Water Dragon - Silvertone (1)awesome ones in - and they make great gifts too.

And if you are giving someone a book already - maybe planning on picking up an inspirational volume (or a blank book for writing?) for that special graduate coming up, maybe slip a personalized bookmark into the book with their birthstone dangling from it? Dragons, Feathers, Horses, Mermaids, oh, and this one, which I think might be a letter opener, actually. Anyway - that's how I'm using mine.
Hey - I love my tablet - but books still have a place in my heart, and 90% of my wallspace. (And to the handful of you who recognize the model book in the pictures and want your own - I will accept bribes of chocolate for the source.)

s35846 Cloisonne -  Scallop Shell - Cobalt (1)Also new this week - new cloisonne beads and some restock too. These colourful beads are also quite lightweight. I really love the intensity of the s35843 Cloisonne -  Round Hummingbird - Peach (1)colour in these Cobalt Scallop Shells, but these peachy hummingbirds are pretty cool too.

s33876 Magazine - Beadwork -  2013 - June/JulyNew issue of Beadwork Magazine, which has our very own Pam prouder 'n a puppy with two tails! She has been breathlessly awaiting the publication of her project: Boho Bangle - featuring Regaliz leather with Peyote Stitch adornment!

s35866 Batik Bone - 26 mm Coin - Tree of Life - Black on White (1)Anyhoo, lots of "thinking about summer-fun" beads (hey - check out these Batik Bone Tree of Life beads!) to feed your addiction and make you happy, so click on a link or an image above, or just go here for all the wonderful new beads this week!

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