Thursday, March 07, 2013

New Website - One week in

We're one week into having the new website? What do you think so far?

We're still working on making it perfect - 'cuz - you know - we're ALL about raising the bar to ridiculous heights here. We got the Japanese Seedbeads sorting by product number, instead of colour - as some of you nearly had heart failure when you saw that.

We still have to fix it so that you can get to the inspirations page from the shopping cart - and the classes too - for that matter. We'll get that sorted out. And the monthly contest too. And online debit-payment. We're working on all of it!

But you are LOVING the new search facility, we know that! So are we for that matter - with 30,000 individual items - even we can have a tough time finding where things are!

So - what's NEW this week?

No rest for the wicked, or the beady, apparently.
s35254 Fancy Aluminum Wire - 1 x 3 mm Diamond Cut Flat Wire - Gold (12 meters)Fancy Aluminum Wire - this is coloured, patterned or cut wire - for making twisted wire designs. No - not that kind of twisted. Well - if you want to - but that's really a different website! Just a few colours and patterns - more to come!

Spikey Spikes and Blunt Gumdrops!

Spikes are pointy, and Gumdrops are round-y. If the spikes make you nervous - try the blunt ended s35222 Glass Beads - 10 mm Gumdrops - Tropical Fruit Crackle (6)gumdrops - which are smooth tipped and come in some very yummy flavours - I mean colours.

Metallic Soutache - some new colours in the Soutache to add to the metallics.
s35248 Braid - 3 mm Soutache - Metallic Bronze (1 meter)
In future weeks - we have lots of wonderful new stuff to bring you - Rizos - rice shaped beads - WireLuxe - a new woven wire item, new leather, and more Regaliz stuff. Just as soon as we can get them on the website for you!

Oh, and Friday morning - might be worth it to check us out if you're thinking of getting some Czech 10/0s or 11/0s. Just saying. ;-)

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